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ampt ( AMPtCommunity )

Photo by AMPt member Rebecca Cornwell (@repinsk) Title: I'm Not Who You Thought Description/story : Sometimes when I shoot an image it surprises me how unlike it looks from how I was imagining it. This is often how an edit will begin. I saw a shape in the reflection that changed my whole interpretation of the image, so I went with it Edit process: Shot in Hipstamatic with the Foxy lens and the Sugar film. Tuned the contrast in Snapseed. Added light in Lenslight Scratches added in King Camera. Added images of the bluebirds, masked from copyright free illustrations, in Superimpose. Merge the masked birds with the original image. Add second layer of scratches in King Camera. Reframed in Pixlromatic Hashtags: #repinskreflections #repinskgrief

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