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joshjohnson ( #JJ - CREATE TO CONNECT )

- #jj_thethirdshiftdrift - . - Hello. My Name is Josh and I have a fruit problem - - Where's my night shift crew at? Hanging in there guys? It's 3am on the east coast. We're over the hump on the third shift. ;-) . Take a break and chat with me for a minute. Anyone else out there willing to cop to being a nerd? When I think of the nerd personality, I think of someone who finds an interests, then takes it way over the top . I've always been this way. When I was a kid, I saved up for months to buy a parot. That's pretty much all I read about, talked about or even thought about. The parrot thing is over for me and but my tendency to be nerdy is not . I'm a tech junky now. I'm especially addicted to anything in the Apple food group. This is my latest obsession. My MacBook Pro Retina. It didn't cost much less than my 10 year old Honda. Worth every penny though. Screaming fast with an amazing display. A gadget junkie's dream machine. . Dont get me wrong. If I'm an evangelist for the creative lifestyle, gear lust is not a part of my message. The bennifits of living a creative life are not at all tied to your gear. Gadget obsession can actually get in the way of your creativity. I probably should have put the money in a 401k. We're not talking about should haves. We're admitting our weeknesses. ;-) . I have a feeling I'm not the only Apple nerd out there. Anyone got a different obsession? Are you willing to stand up and say "I'm Jennifer and I'm a shoeaholic." ? . BTW - As you'd imagine the high res file of the #altexpo mural looks amazing on the Retina. :-) . Guess what. . . @althotel is bringing up to Toronto for the grand opening of the hotel. Think I'm a little excited to see it in person???!!!!

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