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joshjohnson ( #JJ - CREATE TO CONNECT )

He it's @kevinkuster posting a few more highlights. Today's theme is "shadows" tag #jj_forum_0377. Photography often pulls out the best creative talents in all of us that shoot images for fun or professionally. Just like the object that casts a shadow when it has a light source behind it, we as photographers are fueled to tell stories with our cameras when we see a great moments. With that thought in mind, I would like to highlight four great images. Each one of these wonderful pictures tells a complete story and only uses shadows. Top: @gothamkid, @akarimyasin | Bottom: @gittestark, @jeremy_the_bear. Please visit each photographer's feed and cast some much deserved love and praise on them. A huge thank you to @jj_editor_infinitehalves for collecting this fine group of images. Bravo everyone!!

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