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nickspud ( Nick Sorensen )

There is a unique type of Instagramer, one who documents their everyday life, unafraid or unconcerned with taking photos that comfortably fit into the style of their feeds. They're daily documentarists, they photograph anything that happens to them throughout their diurnal routines. They'll never add a second account for "personal photos" because they use their current account in a more liberating way. They'll post images of what they made for breakfast, they'll shoot every day things like products or paper goods, and they'll show us what they're currently reading or listening to. Ultimately they won't ever limit themselves to posting pretty views and luscious landscapes. They photograph and post it all. This is a journalistic approach to Instagram. It's brave in a way, and today's subject, the wonderfully written Carmyn Joy Effa, is a master at it. This Canadian records it all. We get glimpses of her beautiful attention to her product packaging in her business, we see quiet moments with her seemingly precocious cat, and we are shown the astonishing gorgeousness of her Canadian surroundings. Because Carmyn uses Instagram this way it gives us the ability to be closer, to understand and get to know her on a much more intimate level. I've always marveled at her capacity to simply let go, and use the freedom we all have to post whatever we want, and not shrink to a point where we are publishing for our following. @carmynjoy, you are an Instagram Legend. #legend #igtalk

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